Friday, April 23, 2010

.we let you know.

Here it goes, the list of what us (most) girls really like/want.
  • We love hugs. No questions asked. Don't make it too short however, or pull away too quickly, we might take it the wrong way. And please, put some emotion into it. There's nothing worse than a blank hug.
  • Hold our hand, even if it's for a second. Trust me, we love it.
  • We love cute little compliments said out of the blue. It makes us feel noticed and good about ourselves. We may even remember it for a long time.
  • We prefer being called things like beautiful, gorgeous, pretty or cute, rather than hot, fit and sexy.
  • Don't act or treat us differently or ignore us around your friends. We will start to hate you for that. If they're your friends, you shouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed to be affectionate to us infront of them anyway. Get a grip.
  • Never, ever, EVER lead us on! If one of us girls falls for you, that's it. We'll be in the palm of your hand, seriously. And it hurts. So don't do it! You'll break girls hearts and you'll get a bad reputation anyway. If you don't like us, don't flirt! Simple!
  • Not all girls are slags, so don't treat us like one. Slaggy girls tend to be the one to flirt more, they're probably not the right type for you. NOT ALL GIRLS WHO FLIRT A LOT ARE SLAGS. Just a note. :) Just be careful.
  • We don't care how ugly you think you are when you smile, just do it. We love it.
  • If a girl doesn't talk to you much, but always looks and/or smiles at you, she likes you. She's most likely just shy and/or scared incase you don't like her back.
  • A girl WILL talk about you with her best girl friends. So be prepared. But don't worry, it will be good things, unless you do something terrible.
  • DO NOT flirt with any other girl, seriously. Especially one of our best friends. Girls are jealous creatures, end of and we can't stand it. Really, just don't do it. It could lead to a break up.
  • We love it when you talk about us to your friends, in a good way.
  • We love it when you give us nicknames and create inside jokes with us. It's adorable.
  • Most girls will be afraid or too shy to look you right in the eye for more than a few moments. That doesn't mean she doesn't like you. She DOES like you.
  • If we randomly text/call you, we miss you. If we don't, we're probably scared incase we annoy you, like if you're busy or something.
  • Guys are extremely confusing too, you know. So don't give us all this shit saying you don't understand us. We have a hard time too.
  • If we say we're cold, or we try to warm ourselves up somehow, that's probably a hint for you to hug us.
  • If we look at you with a concerned expression, we're probably trying to figure out what you're thinking.
  • Love doesn't equal money, so you don't need to dish out things to buy for us. Of course it's sweet to bring us a little something once in a while, but please just save your money. We don't need it.
  • We like playing with your hair, and we love it when you play with ours, too.
  • We really appreciate it if you attempt to cheer us up, even if it doesn't work. We will remember this for a long time.
  • Please don't lie to us.
  • Just because we're girls, that doesn't mean we're all very femine and girly. Of course we all love our girl-night-outs and shopping, but we can enjoy play fights and sports every once and a while. Just don't be too rough with us.
  • We love it if you give us your jacket.
  • We love it when you speak to us first, it shows you actually want to talk to us. Sometimes we worry we get annoying if we're always the first one to talk.
  • Girls can be bitchy and stress out. Sure, you can try to help. But if we are really angry about something, we may accidently say something we don't mean to, so please back off whilst we calm down. We don't want to lose you.
  • If we do something that annoys you, if you have to tell us, please do it in a nice way. Some of us can get really offended and lose self-esteem.
  • Don't take advantage of us.
  • Do not push us into anything we're not ready for. Just because a lot of girls are slags, does not mean we all are. We do not appreciate you trying to feel us up, thank you. Most of us aren't ready, so back off.
  • Love does not equal sex.
  • Girls ARE competitive. And most of us do not like losing! :P
  • If we have fell for you, no matter how much you hurt us, we will never stop loving you. And we will not give up until we get you.
  • Being naturally funny instantly makes you attractive.
  • Most of us love being cheekily flirted with and teased, but don't mess us around. And do not do this to other girls if you do it to us too. We will be offended and feel used.
  • Never ever ask a girl out for a joke. You have no idea how much this hurts. And it can put us off guys for a long time. So don't do it! If you do, you're a dick, simple.

And there you have it! There is a lot more, and we know it may seem like a lot, but really, us girls are easily pleased. Guys expect a lot too! So shut up. :) May add to this when some more come to mind. really hoping that some boy will wrote this on boy version.of course we want to know what did you expect from us. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Ct DJa said...

i do agree with most of the fact there. n i love hugss. ;) n yes love does not equal to sex. yes! yes! yes!! agree.

hope so, there will be a man sight. cant wait. inform me if u found it oke? ;p